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Seismic Ordinance Upgrades

Retrofit Pro Portal - Feb 15, 2019 - 1 min read

LA Structural is a professional, full-service design, engineering, and construction firm located in Burbank CA. Our skilled team designs and builds; all under one roof. We handle everything from multi-family soft story city or county required seismic ordinance upgrades to earthquake retrofitting, earthquake bolting and bracing, foundation repair and or foundation replacement, floor leveling, drainage system upgrades, waterproofing, hillside failure, broken or leaning retaining walls, caissons and grade beam retrofits as well as other related structural concerns.

We are prompt, reliable and trustworthy. Our highly trained professionals will work with you throughout the entire project with a caring, kind and always a solution minded approach. Call us today to schedule an inspection or request an estimate.

Seismic Ordinance Upgrades Los Angeles

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