Earthquake Retrofit

Earthquake retrofitting can effectively save your property or building from extensive damage during an earthquake.

If you reside in California, then you’re probably used to tremors. Los Angeles in particular is susceptible to seismic activity. The LA basin has multiple faults which makes it extremely vulnerable to earthquakes. At LA Structural we strive to deliver the best earthquake retrofitting Los Angeles has to offer.

Los Angeles experiences an average of 10,000 earthquakes per year.

Most of these are very minor, but every few years a magnitude 6 earthquake occurs, which can be very damaging to structures that are not fit to reduce earthquake damage.

If you are a property owner, it is critical that your building is adequately retrofitted to withstand seismic activity. As leading experts in Los Angeles earthquake retrofitting, LA Structural can help you upgrade your property or building to meet the current laws and codes that govern the process of earthquake retrofitting in Los Angeles County.

Secure your Property with Professional Earthquake Retrofitting Los Angeles

Living in a region that is seismically active increases the risk factors for damage to both life and property. However, by earthquake retrofitting your residential or commercial property, you can effectively lower your risk for potential damage during a quake while also increasing the safety of your structure.

Although earthquake retrofitting in the greater Los Angeles area is not mandated by law on residential properties – it is about the smartest decision you can make to do everything possible to secure your safety in the event of a substantial size earthquake. Insurance policy is another important consideration – if your property is not earthquake retrofitted, you can expect your insurance payouts to be extremely high. Every house is unique in its architecture, the time it was built, the current condition of the foundation and structure, and where it is located among other such considerations.

Even though there is a uniform earthquake retrofitting process for all buildings, the quality of that installation is an important consideration in who you choose for your retrofit needs. We at LA Structural are experts in earthquake retrofitting in Sothern California. We will work with you to devise the best and most cost-effective solution for your structure and ensure your property is up-to-date with all required earthquake codes.

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Grants for Earthquake Retrofitting in California

What Happens During Earthquake Retrofitting?

Every house or building is unique. Hence the solution will need to be customized to address distinct issues and challenges. The process of Earthquake Retrofitting typically involves the following steps:

  • Complete evaluation of your commercial/residential property foundation integrity.
  • Preparing an in-depth plan for undertaking any repair work to fix any existing foundation and structural problems.
  • Once the foundation integrity has been restored, the process of earthquake retrofitting is started.

Common solutions include, Cripple wall bracing (helps improve structural integrity), foundation bolting (anchor bolts are used to secure your home to the foundation), reinforced masonry walls (reinforcing load-bearing walls again adds to structure strength). In tilt-up structures, common solutions include - reinforcing the structure with wall anchors, the use of steel brackets to reinforce support between the roof and wall to keep them intact and connected during a quake, and the use of continuity ties.

Why Choose L.A Structural for Your Earthquake Retrofit

“Dale and his crew did a fantastic job--they repaired piers and earthquake-bolted the foundation cripple walls. I've been through my entire crawl space and seen the work they did--high quality and the price was the lowest bid on top of that. They really exceeded my expectations and I highly recommend them.”

Testimonials such as these have helped us build a reputation among the most professionally qualified providers of earthquake retrofitting in Los Angeles. We pride ourselves in offering the most efficient yet cost-effective solutions. Earthquake retrofitting costs much less compared to what you will have to shell out in the event your commercial residential property is significantly damaged during a quake. A small investment now can save you a fortune in future repairs.

LA Structural Offers the Best Earthquake Retrofitting in
Los Angeles!

Earthquake retrofitting can potentially save your life and property in the event of a major earthquake. Don’t wait till the inevitable – act now and get your property accurately and professionally assessed and earthquake retrofitted.

We offer quality service so you can rest assured your property will be updated in accordance with the latest earthquake codes. Contact us to find out more about our earthquake retrofitting process or to schedule an appointment for a professional earthquake retrofitting evaluation of your property.

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