Earthquake Brace & Bolt

Force generated by seismic waves during an earthquake can be damaging to both property and life.

While the weight of the house serves to keep it secured to the base – during an earthquake, the house can move or slide off of the foundation. However, homes that have been reinforced with foundation bolting or a foundation brace and bolt will be in a much better position to withstand an earthquake. At LA Structural, we strive to deliver the best foundation bolting Los Angeles has to offer.

What Is a Brace And Bolt Retrofit?

A Los Angeles foundation bolt and brace process essentially is a type of seismic or earthquake retrofit which firmly anchors the home structure to the foundation perimeter. This can help ensure that your home structure will not sway extensively during a quake and suffer massive damage.

LA Structural is a premier general construction company and we specialize in earthquake brace and bolt in Los Angeles, and surrounding areas, for homes.

Our team of earthquake brace and bolt experts are FEMA Trained which means we have the necessary qualifications and skills you can trust with your home.

Why Should You Seriously Consider a Foundation Brace and Bolt?

The constant lateral and vertical movement during an earthquake can easily dislodge your house from the foundation leading to massive damage and destruction. What you should also know is that if you live in a house built before 1993 your home structure is particularly vulnerable since it is likely to not be attached properly to the foundation or up to current seismic codes.

The different components that go into building a foundation (cripple walls, mudsill, etc.) as well as the nails and wooden supports & frames in your home are designed to withstand vertical loads. These can easily shatter and separate due to the lateral load that building structures are subjected to during an earthquake.

This is where foundation bolting or house bolting can prove to be effective in making your home more resistant to these devastating forces and even possibly save your home and family during a powerful quake.

Cripple Wall Bracing

Cripple wall bracing is another critical step in securing your home against sliding and separating from the foundation during an earthquake. Cripple walls which support the weight of the house rest right above the Mudsill – they also can help to create the crawl space. If the cripple walls are secured with wood siding or stucco, the process of bracing the cripple walls with plywood is necessary as a way of reinforcing them.

Earthquake Brace and Bolt Program (EBB)

The state of California and the California Earthquake Authority jointly run an Earthquake Brace and Bolt grant program to help homeowners retrofit their properties. The program has helped hundreds of homeowners secure their property against the possibility of a high-intensity earthquake striking Los Angeles, and the California region sometime in the future.

“Dale, Matt, Angel, and the team were the best. They guided me from start to finish so the project moved seamlessly with the Earthquake Brace and Bolt program. There were a few initial hiccups with EBB requiring more detailed information than anticipated, but once ironed out with their help, the team from LA Structural came in and did the job in three days, neatly and professionally. They exceeded my expectations and I can enthusiastically recommend them to anyone who is looking for a contractor in this program.”

Why Choose LA Structural for your Foundation Bolt and Brace?

Since 1987, we at LA Structural have helped hundreds of customers secure their homes via bracing and bolting. Our team of brace and bolt experts is FEMA Trained so you know when you contract with us, you are guaranteed quality service.

If you live in an old house, especially one that was built prior to 1993, or if you know house bolting or foundation bolting was not effectively carried out for your house, then we strongly recommend you get it done as soon as possible.

Brace and Bolt Your House With LA Structural

A house or foundation bolt down can help prevent your house from sliding off the foundation anytime an earthquake strikes. So, don’t hesitate and don’t wait till the very last – get your house inspected today to see how secure it is against an earthquake.

Are you in need of expert brace and bolt services in Los Angeles? Look no further. We have more than three decades of experience in helping customers secure their homes against earthquakes.

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