Foundation Repair

Foundation repairs are particularly important in LA because the region is a hotbed of seismic activity.

Common signs of a weak or vulnerable foundation include windows & doors that stick, cracks in the foundation, interior, and exterior walls, cracks in the ceiling, water seepage, uneven floors, and walls that seem to separate from adjoining walls or from your home floors or ceilings.

If you notice any one or more of the above conditions, then it is highly recommended that you get your foundation inspected as soon as possible.

LA Structural is a premier general construction company and we strive to deliver the best foundation repairs Los Angeles has to offer. We specialize in foundation repairs for home and commercial property. For more than three decades now we have been providing home and commercial property owners with expert foundation inspections and repairs.

Preventive Foundation Repairs

As foundation experts, the one thing we cannot stress enough is the need for preventive repairs. If you notice some of the common signs of foundation damage early on, it is best to get the issue(s) fixed in time while the issue remains minor. This could actually help you save thousands of dollars in the future when the damage could become much bigger and might even require complete replacement of your foundation!

Most people simply patch up a crack if they see one – and while this might temporarily address the problem, chances are it could lead to further degradation of your foundation. Don’t let something small turn into a major repair – call LA Structural today for an accurate assessment of your problem. Having said that, it’s also important that you consult with the right people for the job.

In a lot of instances, customers are told that they need to go in for a complete replacement of their foundation – even when simple repairs can address the issues effectively. As professionals with more than thirty plus years in the business, we are experts in accurately assessing foundation issues and repair and will never misguide our Los Angeles foundation repair clients about the degree of damage and repair work required.

Why L.A Structural for your Foundation Repairs?

As leading foundation repair experts in Los Angeles, LA Structural is fully-equipped to carry out accurate assessments and subsequently put in place the most practical and cost-effective repairs for your property. Our number one focus is always to get the job done quickly, efficiently, and at highly competitive costs – in other words, we deliver quality work with the least possible inconvenience to you.

We have spent more than three decades in this industry and during that time we have built a high level of expertise and know-how from having worked on hundreds of projects for foundation repair in Los Angeles. When you decide to contract with us, we utilize our decades of experience coupled with the most innovative foundation repair solutions available. Because we have expertise in all kinds of foundation repairs including concrete slabs, silt, masonry (brick or reinforced), and raised foundations, we offer our customers highly customized solutions for their foundation repair. While we are foundation repair experts, for us, our customers are the foundation that we have built our business on since 1987!

LA Structural Offers the Best Foundation Repairs in Los Angeles!

If you are the owner of residential or commercial property in Los Angeles foundation repairs are probably one of the most important home repairs you will ever have to undertake. Just remember, taking care of your foundation damage signs today can save you tens of thousands of dollars in major repairs tomorrow.

“Dale and his crew did a fantastic job--they repaired piers and earthquake bolted the foundation cripple walls. I've been through my entire crawl space and seen the work they did--high quality and the price was the lowest bid on top of that. They really exceeded my expectations and I highly recommend them.”

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