Foundation Waterproofing

Lack of proper waterproofing can cause severe damage

Foundation Waterproofing for your home or commercial property is necessary to prevent water damage to your property. Poor drainage and the topography across LA County and its surrounding areas is such that it can lead to properties experiencing water damage. Water intrusion can lead to structural weakening or cracking of your foundation. When this happens it impacts the structural integrity of your building. For these reasons, waterproofing your commercial or residential property is highly recommended.

It is important to know that if your property is already water damaged, ignoring the need for waterproofing will only lead to further damage – to the extent that even a few hours of heavy rainfall could cause further extensive damage.

If you notice signs of water damage, it is best that you get timely or preventive waterproofing done for your property.

When it comes to foundation waterproofing Los Angeles based LA Structural is a leading name, servicing properties across LA County and its surrounding areas. If you are looking for trustworthy waterproofing services for your home or commercial building, call us today at 323.422.5807 or schedule an appointment through our web form.

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Common Water Intrusion Sources

There are a number of ways in which water damage can take place. For example, water can leak into your property or building structure from leaking pipes, gutters, or unprofessional grading around your building foundation. Water can also leak into your basement – the only requirement is a channel for the water to flow!

When you consult with our professionals at LA Structural, our Los Angeles foundation waterproofing experts can help ensure that any water damage is effectively addressed, while also ensuring that any potential chances of future water damage are directed away from your home and property with proper drainage systems.

The Value of Foundation Waterproofing for Your Property

Did you know that getting your water-damaged foundation repaired is far more expensive compared to simply getting waterproofing done for your basement and crawlspace, your property walls, and other areas of your home?

Each of the above-mentioned areas is vulnerable to water damage. However, by opting for professional waterproofing services, you can effectively prevent structural damage to your foundation and save big dollars in foundation repair costs in the future.

Professional waterproofing experts LA Structural will not only focus on repairing water damage to your property but will also educate you on what steps you can take to prevent future instances of water damage to your property.

When is Foundation Waterproofing Necessary?

There are a number of instances when waterproofing is required and in fact necessary for your property. Consider the following signs that you may be experiencing water damage:

  • Do you notice rainwater leaking into your property?
  • Standing water in your landscape?
  • Do you find water leaking from drainage pipes or gutters?
  • Have you noticed signs of mold or mildew growth?

In addition, you might want to get waterproofing for the following reasons:

  • Are you planning on adding additional storage space or a common room?
  • Do you want to build a basement addition?

If you are experiencing any of the above signs of water intrusion or if you are looking to expand your property, then you might want to consult with a waterproofing expert such as LA Structural. You can call us today at 323.422.5807 or schedule an appointment through our web form.

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Why Choose LA Structural for Your Waterproofing Requirement?

Since 1987, LA Structural has built a robust reputation as a leading waterproofing expert for commercial and residential properties across the Los Angeles metro area and its surrounding areas. When you want expert waterproofing for your property, it pays to consult with waterproofing experts who know what they are doing.

Our Home Waterproofing Service Includes:

  • Inspection of your property and building by highly skilled and experienced waterproofing experts to identify and locate all leaks and sources of water damage.
  • We provide detailed written cost/repair estimates for waterproofing your property.
  • We ensure our work is 100% professional and done to your satisfaction for years to come.
  • You will have the expertise and experience of licensed and certified waterproofing technicians who know their job.

We are a leading name in waterproofing services not only for the above-mentioned reasons but also because our clients absolutely trust our services.

Here’s is what one of our clients had to say about their experience with LA Structural

“I am very pleased and confident that I made the right choice. This company is professional and timely. They have all the necessary insurance and license coverage and the price is right. They handled everything from start till finish in a professional and efficient manner. I am very pleased with the entire process. And right in the middle of the pandemic too.” - Jeannie P.

Los Angeles Foundation Waterproofing Experts

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As a leading California General Contractor specializing in professional waterproofing services for residential and commercial property owners across Los Angeles, our services are competitively priced and quality-based.

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