Retaining Walls

Retaining walls can help contain the lateral movement of soil especially in areas such as LA where soil erosion and hillside instability are common.

Building retaining walls for homes constructed on hillsides is essential to prevent soil from sliding down the slope. In addition, retaining walls have to perform and homeowners can be held liable in the event that unstable soil on their property causes any kind of damage. At LA Structural we strive to build the best retaining walls Los Angeles as to offer.

And of course, given the limited construction space of hillside properties, retaining walls can provide a greater flat-surface area for practical use such as for gardens or pools.

The experts at LA Structural specializes in the design and construction of quality Los Angeles retaining walls, which are compliant with hillside codes and which complement your property.

Retaining Walls in Los Angeles – Why Do You Need Them?

Homeowners and commercial property owners invest in retaining walls for a number of reasons including the following.

Mandated by Law

The building codes mandate that property owners are legally responsible and could be held liable for any damage caused by unstable soil on their property. So, if you have a hillside property, then you are responsible for ensuring that the soil on the slope on your property is effectively restrained with retaining walls. The last thing you want is to be fined by city inspectors because you were found to be in violation of building codes.

Practical Uses & Property Aesthetics

Prices in urban areas across Los Angeles are sky-high. This has forced a substantial section of the population to move to steeper or hillside areas. While the view can be to-die-for, hillside properties are limited when it comes to the availability of usable flat-surfaces.

By building retaining walls property owners can expand their building area for practical needs such as a parking lot, a garden, or a pool. Beyond the practical purpose, retaining walls can be designed and engineered to extend aesthetic or landscape value to your property.

Safety Concerns

Heavy rains or water draining in hillsides can easily trigger a landslide – unless the soil is effectively secured via retaining walls. In other words, without retaining walls, there is no way to stem or stop a landslide from happening.

Retaining walls can help in stopping a landslide if the slope has become unstable. Retaining walls can prevent the earth from eroding and eventually leaving your building foundation vulnerable.

Secure Your Property with Retaining Walls

We are experts in designing retaining walls for properties on slopes or hillsides. When you contract us for your Los Angeles retaining walls requirements, you can expect quality work that incorporates the best of design elements and engineering principles. At LA Structural, we take pride in our work and customer satisfaction matters.

Regardless of whether you want retaining walls to stabilize your property soil, or to create more flat-surface for practical purposes, we can design walls that are aesthetically pleasing and engineered to be extremely effective.

Get the Best Retaining Walls in Los Angeles for your Property with LA Structural!

If your property is built on a steep slope or the hillside, then the best way to secure your property against the dangers of a landslide and the ill-effects of soil erosion are with retaining walls.

Retaining walls can also protect you against legal liability which could run into hundreds or thousands of dollars and more importantly keep your family safe at all times.

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