Foundation Construction

Foundation construction is a highly specialized job.

It requires extensive engineering knowledge, practical experience, in-depth understanding of different foundation types and materials as well as technical skills to construct a strong and structurally sound foundation.

The need to build strong foundations becomes even more important if you live in a seismically active zone. LA Structural is a premier General Contractor specializing in foundation construction & repair. We always strive to deliver the best foundation construction Los Angeles has to offer.

We have built our foundations for property owners spanning the greater Los Angeles metro area. From residential foundation construction to commercial foundation construction, we can deliver.

Strong Homes are Built on Strong Foundations

We know that in order to build strong and sturdy homes, the foundation needs to be strong and based on sound engineering principles. The foundation, after all, is the primary load-bearing structure for any building – and if your foundation is weak or compromised in any way, it can jeopardize the entire structure. Not the mention, the potential threat to the lives of the people who will either live or work on that building.

We have a team of exceptional concrete contractors who are highly experienced experts in leveling and preparing the landscape prior to starting construction work. A number of our customers also contact us for their damaged foundation repair and replacement. Our expertise in foundation construction allows us to accurately evaluate a weak foundation. We can then plan a practical, efficient, and cost-effective upgrade or replacement for the damaged foundation. The need for a strong foundation is even more acute due to California’s geography.

This zone is not only seismically active, but wildfires are also common – fires that destroy plant cover. And without plant cover, the soil is loose which means landslides and soil erosion are common. For this reason, any foundation retrofit work should take into account the risks these conditions present in order to ensure the home structure is strong. We have over three decades of experience designing and constructing foundations for just these conditions.

Why Choose LA Structural for your Foundation Construction?

At LA Structural we do projects for Los Angeles foundation construction on both residential properties and commercial buildings. Having extensive experience in this industry, we have the know-how and experience needed for different types of foundation work including foundation construction, foundation repair, basement foundations, foundation replacement, caissons, drainage, and more.

Our foundations are built to be strong and sustainable for many years. The safety of your family and workers is of paramount importance and deserves experienced hands. Every building code criteria will be stringently followed and a foundation inspection for perfect compliance. We have built a reputation of trust and quality work and we continue to cement that trust with every project.

The Best Foundation Construction Los Angeles with LA Structural

Los Angeles foundation construction is best done by people whom you can trust – not only with your property but more importantly with the lives of your loved ones or your employees. We are a top-notch licensed California General Contractor specializing in foundation construction across the Los Angeles Metro area.

When you contract with LA Structural, you can expect complete compliance with the strictest quality standards. Our workers are licensed and skilled so you will never have to worry about the safety of your property. We have the experience necessary to build strong foundations for homes and commercial buildings.

“We were so pleased with LA Structural, they were timely - they even arrived early - efficient, affordable, and extremely communicative. I would recommend them to anyone looking for a quality foundation or structural work.”

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