Structural Retrofitting

One of the biggest dangers of living in a seismically active zone is that earthquake tremors can cause damage to building structures and even potentially endanger life.

Homes that are structurally retrofitted or upgraded can withstand the force generated by seismic waves much better than homes or buildings that have not been structurally retrofitted. In order to enhance or reinforce the structural integrity of a building, technical interventions, or processes commonly known as structural retrofitting is necessary. At LA Structural, we strive to deliver the best structural retrofitting Los Angeles as to offer.

Once a building has been structurally retrofitted, the earthquake resistance of the building increases substantially and it will be able to withstand the lateral and vertical pressure exerted during seismic activity much better.

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Benefits of Structural Retrofitting

When you go in for a structural retrofitting for your building there are several aspects of the process that are advantageous to building owners. During a Los Angeles structural retrofitting, the building will not cut off access to the users or inhabitants – in fact, it can still be used while the retrofitting process is being carried out, in nearly all cases.

The cost of retrofitting construction work is relatively less compared to other structural upgrade solutions.

The use of both human and material resources is again relatively lower compared to other similar construction solutions.

Structural retrofitting generates relatively less construction debris compared to other similar construction techniques.

The process of structural retrofitting does not require any major or drastic changes to be made to the original shape and design or layout of the building – this is of particular importance if the building has some kind of historic or cultural importance.

Structural Retrofitting for Residential & Commercial Buildings Los Angeles

In Los Angeles structural retrofitting is considered necessary especially after a thorough structural inspection of the integrity and capacity of the building, the structure displays an inadequate capacity to withstand the vertical and lateral pressures exerted on the building during an earthquake.

A certain degree of damage can be expected – however, a building that fails to display the required capacity to resist the minimum acceptable degree of damage will have to undergo structural retrofitting. In a lot of cases, the kind of construction material used may be the primary reason for the vulnerability of the building structure. However, other elements such as new building codes, changing environmental conditions, as well the function of the building will also be considered when recommending structural retrofitting.

Structural Retrofitting Experts

The engineer plays a major role in the entire process of structural retrofitting. In addition to evaluating the structural capacity of the building, the job of an engineer also includes planning retrofit solutions and techniques that can best address deficiencies in the structural capacity.

LA Structural has an expert team of certified and professionally qualified workers both in engineering and non-engineering capacities. This places us in the position of a market leader and we are able to consistently deliver the best structural retrofitting techniques for your residential or commercial building.

Why Choose LA Structural?

LA Structural has been pioneering major projects for structural retrofitting in Los Angeles metro area. When you need quality construction done, particularly where it can affect the safety of your life and property, you definitely want experts who know their job.

Scores of customer testimonials tell the story of quality service delivered, exceptional customer experience, and competitive pricing structures.

“I am very pleased and confident that I made the right choice. This company is professional and timely. They have all the necessary insurance and license coverage and the price is right. They handled everything from start to finish in a professional and efficient manner. I am very pleased with the entire process. And right in the middle of the pandemic too.”

Professional and Quality-Based Structural Retrofitting with LA Structural

LA Structural is a leading California General Contractor specializing in structural retrofitting for residential and commercial buildings across Los Angeles. Our services are quality-based, priced competitively, and strictly incorporate all building codes and laws.

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