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Professional floor leveling is necessary if your floors are uneven or when a structure is sloping.

Given the fact that Los Angeles is situated in a seismically active zone, and because many of the homes are constructed on expansive soil, which tends to shrink and swell, your foundation can suffer damage in the forms of cracks or sloped floors. At LA Structural we strive to deliver the best floor leveling Los Angeles has to offer.

In addition, if your property does not have proper drainage, the excess water will soak readily into the expansive soil which can cause the settlement. Chances are that every time the foundation rises or sinks, it may not lie evenly. So where does this leave you?

Well, it can leave you with a vulnerable and damaged foundation. And one of the outcomes of a damaged foundation is uneven or sloping floors. If your home has uneven or sloping floors, it is best that you get your property inspected and repaired as soon as possible. You will need the services of Los Angeles floor leveling experts such as LA Structural to help you address your problem of sloping floors.

Worried about Uneven Floors?

Uneven floors or sloping floors are typically caused by a damaged foundation. Floors with a very slight slope should not really be the cause for much concern – unless it gets worse. On the other hand, if the sloping of your floors is very apparent, – it could be indicative of foundation damage. If left unaddressed, the issue could also impact the structural integrity of your home or building.

The situation that should alarm you is when your floors are extremely uneven or display drastic sloping. Here again, it is best to get your foundation inspected by our licensed foundation inspectors immediately. You could have a drainage problem that might have impacted your foundation – constant swell and shrinkage can cause the foundation to shift or raise and become unstable.

If your floors are uneven and if you suspect foundation damage, we highly recommend that you get your floors and foundation inspected as soon as possible. Home repairs are best done while the issues are still small. If left unaddressed, the problem could get worse and you may end up paying high repair costs down the line.

Why Choose L.A Structural for your Floor Leveling Issues?

A damaged foundation manifests in different ways – sloping or uneven floors being just one among many. The best way to address your problem of uneven floors is to consult the professional floor leveling experts at LA Structural. Our Los Angeles house leveling experts will do a thorough evaluation to understand the cause of uneven floors.

If foundation damage is detected – we can provide the solution. If we find that the cause for uneven floors is a sunken slab, then the issue can be effectively addressed by employing a self-leveling concrete slab or structure to raise the floors.

Through many years serving in this industry, we have picked up expertise that allows us to quickly and effectively evaluate foundation and structural issues, including uneven floors. Our service quality is always top-notch and priced to be extremely competitive– something that we are well known for among all our customers.

We Offer the Best Floor Leveling in Los Angeles!

Los Angeles is a seismic zone. And constant tremors can dislodge surface soil, cause foundations and buildings to move and shake. Not to mention, if your home is built on expansive soil, then the clay elements in the soil will soak up excess water and expand. In the dry season, the soil dries up, shrinks, and cracks. And this process can go on through changing weather/seasonal cycles. None of this is good news for your foundation.

This constant change in soil behavior can put tremendous pressure on your foundation structure and make it vulnerable to cracks and damage. One of the ways in which foundation damage displays is via uneven or sloping floors. It is best to get your floors and foundation checked if you notice your floors are sloping or have become uneven. Our floor leveling experts in Los Angeles will inspect your home and provide you with customized solutions to quickly and effectively address your uneven floor issues. So don’t delay any further, schedule your inspection with LA Structural!

“We were so pleased with LA Structural, they were timely - they even arrived early - efficient, affordable, and extremely communicative. I would recommend them to anyone looking for quality foundation or structural work.”

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