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If you are looking to invest in property in Los Angeles, then one of the very first actions you need to do is get your real estate inspected for foundation and structural integrity.

This can help you avoid potentially heavy-duty hidden repair and restoration costs if any issues are identified as well as deliver peace of mind. At LA Structural, we strive to deliver the best foundation inspections Los Angeles has to offer.

A house after all is only as strong as its foundation. And if the foundation is damaged or compromised in any way, it could cost you tens of thousands of dollars in repairs and also impact the integrity of any future upgrades or additions you might want to make. So a foundation inspection is not something you should forego – regardless of how attractive the exterior structure might be.

Los Angeles foundation inspection and structure evaluation experts at LA Structural have more than three decades of experience in real estate inspections. We can inspect your real estate property and help ensure your investment is worth every dollar.

We are a premier licensed California General Contractor service with specialized experience in real estate and foundation inspections. If you want your real estate foundation and structure inspected by experts, book an inspection with LA Structural.

Can your Real Estate Foundation and Structure withstand Seismic Activity and Erosion?

A simple general home inspection will not suffice if your real estate is located in Southern California. This region consistently experiences seismic activity. In addition, erosion and ground instability are now an inevitable part of the future. Each of these can impact your real estate foundation and the structure, making them weak and vulnerable to earthquakes and other forces of nature.

A general home inspector can only help you understand the current condition of your property – they are not experts in assessing the foundation and structure of a building. Any kind of damage to your building foundation or structural damage can make your entire building unstable – especially in an earthquake. This is why a thorough inspection of your building foundation and structure is a critical step before you go ahead and sign on the dotted line.

Why Choose LA Structural for Your Los Angeles Real Estate Inspection?

LA Structural has built a rock-solid reputation on a foundation of professionalism and expert results. We have over three decades of experience in delivering Los Angeles foundation inspections and structural inspections.

As professionals, we understand how important it is, to be honest with our clients. And this is the kind of business culture we have integrated into every service that we provide for our clients – including real estate inspections.

“This is a company with integrity. Our house was built in the ‘30s with a raised foundation. There had always been a slight slope at the front of our house. Having lived in it for more than a decade, we finally thought maybe we should have a professional take a look. We called LA Structural for inspection on our raised foundation. The inspector came and took his time to crawl under the basement and did a thorough inspection. He could have told us there was a problem, and I would be none the wiser. Instead, he explained the layout of our foundation, and that the slope is due to normal settling over time, and that no repair is really needed. Instead of selling an expensive repair, the structural assessor essentially provided a free inspection. Now that's a company you can trust!”

Contact L.A Structural to Schedule your Real Estate Inspection Today!

Are you concerned about your property foundation and structure? If yes, then call L.A Structural for a professional assessment of your property by California’s foremost foundation and structure experts. We have spent more than three decades in this industry.

You can rest assured, we have the experience and expertise to evaluate your property and to quickly identify any current or potential problems you might face in the future. We will provide you with the most practical and cost-effective solutions to any identified issues with your property. Schedule an inspection for your real estate building or property today by calling us at 323.422.5807 or by booking online.

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